Issue Four

I am pleased to announce our fourth issue (although it has been online for quite some time now)!

Here it is!

I hope you enjoy the fourth issue and the words authored by Lee Douglas, Rebecca Havens, Daniel Davis, Keith James, Mark Cravens, and Benjamin Drevlow. If you like something that you read, share it with your friends; the writers would surely appreciate it!

Third Issue

Rock Bottom readers and contributors:

I hope 2014 has been kind to you so far and continues that way.

It has been almost a year since this online journal begun. During that short stretch, the journal has begun to find its own way in the crowded world of literary journals.

During 2014, the journal will be deciding some defining characteristics of itself, most notably the precise frequency of our issues. It looks as though the journal will be biannual.

Please continue submitting to us. In the meantime, please enjoy the third issue. It features work from Mitchell Krochmalnik Grabois, M.A. Schaffner, Nancy Antle, Isabelle Brock, James W. Morris, Brian Zimmerman, and Ronald Van Hall.


Issue Two

Welcome to our second issue!

Please view it here:

We are happy to share some new additions to the journal. The poetry contributors for this issue are Bekah Steimel and Schuler Benson. The fiction contributors for this issue are Miranda Stone, Tamara Pratt and Natalie Wood.

You could call this online blog anti-social because we aren’t big participants of social media. Yet. However, the truth is we’re just shy. For now. In the meantime, please share the pieces you’ve enjoyed with other readers.

Additionally, we are looking to read new material for our third issue. So, if you are a writer, please submit to us. If you know a writer, please let him or her know that we are seeking submissions. The guidelines can be found on the website.

We hope to see you for Issue #3!

Issue One

We made it! It’s finally done!

Please check out our first issue:

After reading dozens upon dozens of awesome submissions, we have made the final decisions for our inaugural issue. Since this is only the first issue, consider it a small sample of what to expect in subsequent issues.

We hope you enjoy the stories written by Monique Berry, John Michael Flynn, Lori M. Myers, Stan Hollingworth, and Cara Long. Please also read the featured poetry from William Doreski, Casey FitzSimons, and Frederick Pollack. These selections show unique characters and vivid realities. Welcome to Rock Bottom.

If you enjoy these pieces, we ask that you please share them with fellow readers. If you write, feel free to send some stuff to us. Submissions for the next issue will open soon. Check out our site again soon for details.

The Editor